Daisy chain your Refuge Gardens together for even easier watering!

I have been hard at work the last few months trying to figure out the best way to connect multiple Refuge Gardens together so that you can connect one hose to one Refuge Garden and fill all of the water reservoirs at the same time! 

The hardware that I chose has all brass fittings for good looking and long lasting use. The hose is 8 inches in length. The connector at the end can easily be screwed right into your existing hose or connected to your rain barrel for easy filling. 

If you want to get real fancy you could even connect a timer and automate your watering completely. This would allow you to leave town for weeks on end without needing to water. 

Buy multiple daisy chain kits if you want to daisy chain more than two Refuge Gardens. You can connect as many Refuge Gardens together as you desire. If you own or build a greenhouse or hoop house you can easily control the watering for dozens of Refuge Gardens or an even larger and more efficient harvest.