Welcome to Urban Refuge Gardening!

Growing up my father owned a produce business I and became accustomed to eating the highest quality produce money can buy. After graduating college, my wife and I lived in an apartment complex and I began to miss the easy access to such high quality produce. The only space available to grow vegetables was our apartment balcony, so I was determined to figure out how to grow my own produce with the little space I had. My preference for practical, long-lasting materials, coupled with a desire to garden smarter, not harder, helped me formulate the specific design of the Refuge Garden.

Made with industrial strength materials, the Refuge Garden fulfills the pursuit of those who desire local, nutrient-dense produce, whether you have acres of land or just a balcony.  Growing produce in a Refuge Garden alleviates the toil of traditional gardening, while it's construction surpasses other self-watering containers in durability, capacity, staking system and storage.  

With the Daisy Chain Kit I devised this last year, you can connect multiple Refuge Gardens together for even easier watering.  

To ensure the highest quality vegetables, lettuces, and herbs, I recommend purchasing the Mittleider Mico-nutrient Pack which will make over 30lbs. of fertilizer. 

Check back in the fall for more info on the new redesigned Refuge Garden. 

Benefits of home-grown, container gardening:

  • grow local, grow fresh, away from pesticides and harmful chemicals
  • cheaper grocery bills
  • fresh produce at your doorstep
  • grow nutrient-dense produce by easily maintaining nutrient-dense soil
  • Relocating to a new home?  Move your garden with you!
  • teach your children or other loved ones the skill-set of gardening 
  • working with plants is beneficial to psychological health! 
“My Father in law is a farmer. He just bought one of these self watering planters and his tomato plants in this container are 3 times as big as the tomato plants he plated in the ground. It really works!!”   — Craig
“This self-watering garden container is great ! Almost maintenance free and very easy to set up. I highly recommend one for someone who has limited space for a garden.”   — Amber
"We are loving our "Greenhoused" Urban Refuge Garden Planter! The kids are growing a lot of colder winter type of stuff and are already enjoying radish greens. YAY!" --- Melissa